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Sunday noon Grandma's cookin

Been up since five

Smell of pot roast in the air

Soon guests will arrive

Just a little house

Part of my childhood charm

Where family got together

Down on my Grandpa's farm


Every Sunday got together

To break bread

Grandpa took us for a ride

Tractor and flatbed

All us kids were hoping

Grandpa'd let us drive

Memories in my heart

Gotta keep em alive


Always remember love of family

Joy and laughter

All a part of me

Looking back I haven't thought

About it for a while

My favorite part

Is when Grandpa smiled


Sunday noon got my feet up

Sitting in my chair

Wife's in the kitchen

Pot roast in the air

Memories coming back

Think about em for a while

I surely miss

My Grandpa's smile

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Chuck Frederick
Nashville Tennessee Songwriters
BMI - Broadcast Music Incorporated
When Grandpa Smiled