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(Dedicated To Homeless Veteran's)


Reaches into his pocket

For a half a cigarette

Holding onto his homeless sign

A lost and lonely vet

I roll down my window

He walks over to me

I hand him a five he gives me a smile

He God blesses me

I thank him for his service

That's when I see

A Purple Heart pinned to his chest

A hero's last ounce of dignity


I don't know how it happens

So many come home from war

Sacrifice lay down their lives

So we can be safe and warm

As I drive away

A tear comes to my eye

My heart has one question

Where will that hero sleep tonight


Under the moon ands stars

In heavens light

Hope that he'll be safe tonight

Pray God helps that hero to see

While he holds onto his last ounce of dignity



While he holds onto his last ounce of dignity

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Chuck Frederick
Nashville Tennessee Songwriters
BMI - Broadcast Music Incorporated
Last Ounce Of Dignity